Life is constantly changing-

accepting the changes is the hard part.”


The first half of my life was spent moving; meeting new friends; finding my way in new states, new towns, and new neighborhoods. The second half has been less challenging and I have grown accustomed to seeing the same beloved faces; eating at my favorite restaurants; shopping at my favorite stores; having the same hairdresser; attending church with people whose children grew up with mine…I think you get the picture. This past year two of my physicians retired; my dentist died; stores and restaurants that I have patronized, closed; and I am scrambling as I try to rectify my losses. Accepting the changes has been hard. I found that amazing, as I am pretty good with “rolling with the punches.”

This past Club year was full of many changes: changes in leadership; changes in our caterer; changes in the manner of our lunches being served; changes inside and outside the Clubhouse; loss of our friends that we have loved and served with for so long. I read this quote sometime in the past year and put it on my desk as a reminder that “accepting changes is the hard part, but accept we must. If we do not, we will be stuck in the past; will not enjoy the present; and cannot set our face toward all that the future holds for us.”

This coming year brings changes to our meetings, our building, and our opportunities in the community. We will begin the 2015-2016, club year with our Fall Showcase held in the afternoon and then a dinner with Ira David Wood, III, as the speaker. Our first actual business meeting will be in October of 2015. We will continue to have buffets; continue to fine-tune our meal service; and continue to start our meetings at 11:45 am. The CSP Meeting that did take place on the third Wednesday of the month has a new look. Each CSP Chair has planned hands on opportunities to serve in the community called a CSP Service Day. Our building now has three handicapped accessible entrances and more handicapped parking spaces. And, this year we will have our second Young Woman of Achievement Banquet and celebration of the goodness that these young women are spreading in their schools and communities both here and abroad. Also, The Woman’s Club of Raleigh will be honored to be the featured exhibit for two months at The City of Raleigh Museum (COR) in April and May, 2016. What a difference we have made in our community over the last 111 years and what a difference we will continue to make!!!

There will be changes in location and changes in dates for our Fundraising events. But, if we do not make changes and tweaks, we become stagnant and eventually no longer effective. I sometimes wonder what Fannie Exile Scudder Heck, our first President, would think of The Woman’s Club of Raleigh today. There have been 56 presidents before me, and each one made changes in her own way and we are still here making a difference in the community in which we live and function in new and creative ways!!!

Carol Cato, President

Continuing the Legacy”*