Upcoming Events

Executive Committee Meeting

March 4th @ 9:30am

Questions? Call Penny Lauricella at 510-8911.

Arts CSP- The Singers

March 5th @ 8:00am

Questions? Call Lou Wells at 847-6651.

Mirrors: Hayes Barton Place

March 5th @ 2:00pm

Questions? Call Susan Tenney at 418-0740.

Night CSP- Assemble Easter Baskets for Baskets for Hope

March 5th @ 6:00pm

Activity is part of Food Ministries Read & Feed Program and English as a Secretary Language Service. Questions? Call Christy Frisbee at 749-3362.

Called Meeting

March 6th @ 5:00am

Questions? Call Penny Lauricella at 510-8911 or Carol Cato at 872-1385.

6:00pm TONIGHT is the SignUpGenius Registration Deadline for the March 13 Meeting

March 6th @ 6:00am

Please make sure you have made your registration by 6:00 pm for the General Meeting. Questions? Call Nancy Canterbury at 622-9577.

Fundraising Committee Meeting- Virtual via Zoom

March 6th @ 12:00pm

Questions? Call Julia Carpenter at 847-2659.

Membership Committee Meeting- Virtual via Zoom

March 6th @ 1:00pm

Questions? Call Ruth Boulter at 609-731-8786 or Peebee Scott at 523-1932.

Civic Engagement- Great Decisions

March 7th @ 10:00am

Questions? Call Pat Witt at 264-1015.

Arts and Culture CSP: NC Symphony- Rhapsody In Blue

March 8th @ 12:00pm

Questions? Call Jennifer Thompson at 252-702-1722.

GFWC-NC(State) Arts Festival at Mebane Arts Center

March 9th @ 9:00am

Questions? Call Ginger Lockamy at 413-2266.

Bylaws Committee Meeting

March 11th @ 9:00am

Questions? Call Janet Leggett at 390-5821.