Upcoming Events

October 4 at 6:00pm is the registration deadline for the October 11th Meeting. Please make sure you have made your reservation by 6:00pm for the General Meeting.

October 4th @ 6:00am

Questions? CNancy at 622-9577.

First Wednesday Cards

October 4th @ 9:30am

Questions? Call Pat Davis at 781-0800.

Four No-Trump Bridge

October 4th @ 10:00am

Questions? Call Ann Sayre at 847-3563. Located in Board Room & Stevens Dining Room.

Fundraising Committee Meeting- Virtual via Zoom

October 4th @ 12:00pm

Questions? Call Julia Carpenter at 847-2659.

Leadership Committee Meeting

October 4th @ 1:30pm

Questions? Call Carol Cato at 872-1385.

Bylaws Meeting

October 9th @ 9:00am

Questions? Call Janet Leggett at 390-5821.

Policies and Procedures Meeting

October 9th @ 9:30am

Questions? Call Sandra Chestnut at 210-8936.

Mirrors Venue-Public Side

October 10th @ 10:00am

Questions? Call Susan Tenney at 418-0740.

Fundraising- Members Corner

October 10th @ 10:00am

Drop off items for sale between 10:00 am and noon OR between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Questions? Call Pam Somers at 336-416-0972.

Fundraising: Pansy pick-up at the Club.

October 10th @ 10:15am

Questions? Call Carol Henderson at 272-3570 or Pat Witt at 264-1015.

Arts CSP- The Singers at Club Side

October 10th @ 2:00pm

Questions? Call Lou Wells at 847-6651.

JWC of Raleigh Meeting

October 10th @ 5:00pm

Questions? Call Casandra Webb at 606-1606.