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Established in 1904, The Woman’s Club of Raleigh is dedicated to serving and supporting our community in the Arts, Conservation, Education, Home Life, International Outreach, and Public issues. Our community service programs give members opportunities to contribute to our community, to learn and to enjoy a variety of activities and events.

The Woman’s Club of Raleigh Motto: Culture for Service, Culture in Service


The Woman’s Club of Raleigh launched its Capital Campaign in September 2018. To learn more about the Campaign and how you can participate, click here.

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The Woman’s Club of Raleigh events are a great way to make connections that inspire personal and professional growth, support our community, and enrich lives. Some events are open to nonmembers

We will be delivering our donations to CPO on our service day, Sept. 18. We will meet at WCR and welcome any members who would like to help with deliveries. We will have a sign-up sheet at the Showcase. If you have questions, please contact Sara Brower/Barbara Hocutt, co-chairs. 

Save  These  Dates!

By popular demand the Night CSP will continue our evening dinners once a month for this coming club year.  The dinners will honor our six CSPs.  These are the dates and the restaurants:
Thursday,  October 10, 2019 (in honor of the Conservation CSP) The Pit  6:00 p.m.
Wednesday, November 6, 2019  (in honor of the Education CSP)  K&W Cafeteria  6:00 p.m.
Wednesday,  April 1, 2020 (in honor of International Outreach CSP)  J. Betski’s  6:00 p.m
Wednesday,  May 6, 2020  (in honor of Public Issues CSP)  The Peddler  6:00

Conservation & Night CSP offers a Pontoon Boat Tour of Jordan Lake at 10:00 am, followed by lunch on October 11.  Check Events for more information .

Join Us for Community Conversations at the Club,  7 to 9 pm, Mark your Calendar with Details to follow! See below for dates.  

October 30 – Policing in Raleigh,  Chief Deck Brown
January 28Opioid Crisis in NC, US Attorney’s Office
April 29Racial Understanding, Best of Enemies -Bill  Riddick


The Woman’s Club began when Mrs. Elvira Evelyna Worth Moffit gathered a group of ladies together in the State Library Reading Room for the sole purpose of organizing a Woman’s Club. The Woman’s Club came into being with the hope and belief that it could by organization better serve the city and community in which it exists. Helen Primrose McPherson, Past President, 1926

President’s Project

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your President for the 2018-2020 Administration. The Woman’s Club of Raleigh has served the community for 114 years, and I am very honored to be following in the footsteps of some amazing women.

So many choices, so many worthy organizations to choose from, but, because children are near and dear to my heart, for these next two years, my President’s Project will be focused on education. Children are our future! My background in education has enabled me to see things from a different perspective. And, giving children all the tools that we can to help them achieve should be our mission. Children, as we know, don’t all learn at the same levels, but they all need to receive the same opportunity to learn.

We’re looking forward to these next two years and hope you join us on the journey!

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The Community Service Programs of The Woman’s Club of Raleigh offer members opportunities to contribute to the community, to learn and to enjoy a variety of activities and events. Members participate based on their individual interests and as their schedules permit.

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