Leadership and Affiliations

Leadership and Affiliations


The Object shall be the charitable, intellectual, philanthropic, and civic betterment of the community. BYLAWS, ARTICLE II. The Mission of The Woman’s Club of Raleigh, Inc. is to serve and support our community in the Arts, Conservation, Education, Home Life, International Outreach, and Public Issues.


Object: The Purpose and Objectives of District VI are to: promote the programs of GFWC-NC and GFWC in the clubs, organize and federate additional clubs, and conduct any other activity which is in harmony with the objectives of GFWC-NC and GFWC.


GFWC-NC’s Purpose and Objective is to unite member clubs into a statewide charitable volunteer organization for the promotion of educational and cultural activities, community service, and leadership development for the state of North Carolina.


General Federation of Women’s Clubs. Object: The object of GFWC shall be to bring into communication and to unite women’s clubs throughout the world for the purpose of mutual benefit, and for the promotion of their common interest in volunteer service.


Dedicated to Community Improvement by Enhancing the Lives of Others through Volunteer Service. Motto: Unity in Diversity Signature Project: Domestic Violence


GFWC-SER Is a constituent division of GFWC. The GFWC Southeastern Region is made up of the District of Columbia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. The Purpose of the Region shall be to promote a better understanding of the structure, program, and challenge of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.


The Community Service Programs of The Woman’s Club of Raleigh offer members opportunities to contribute to the community, to learn and to enjoy a variety of activities and events. Members participate based on their individual interests and as their schedules permit.

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Our Mission

The Mission of The Woman’s Club of Raleigh, Inc. is to serve and support our community in Arts and Culture, Civic Engagement and Outreach, Education and Libraries, Environment, and Health and Wellness.

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The Woman’s Club of Raleigh has made the decision to follow the recommendations by the CDC, our President and our Governor regarding COVID19.  Contact us with questions.
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