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 ART CSP - Day trip to Wilmington - Wednesday 8/17/16 
The ART CPS has planned another summer event and we hope you will consider joining us!  We will depart from the club parking lot at 8:30AM and carpool to Wilmington. We will have lunch at a local eatery and then tour the exhibit “She Tells a Story” at the Cameron Art Museum.  This exhibit “celebrates the work of fifty-two artists from Cam’s permanent collection and connects the forms of visual & literary arts.  This juxtaposition of visual with word illuminates how artists communicate their experiences, perspectives & world views through their chosen medium.”  We will return to Raleigh after this tour.  Contact Pat Nelson at 919-266-4977 or  pann@nc.rr.com for further information or to secure a spot for this outing.





Have a great summer!


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